5 Colanders Perfect for Quinoa


When it comes to preparing quinoa, a versatile and nutritious grain, choosing the right colander is a crucial step. Quinoa’s small grains can easily slip through the cracks of an ill-suited colander, leaving you with a kitchen mess and possibly wasting this precious superfood. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best colanders for quinoa and the factors to consider when making your selection.

The Importance of a Quinoa-Friendly Colander

Quinoa is a high-protein, gluten-free grain known for its delicate flavor and versatility in various dishes, from salads to pilafs. Cooking quinoa typically involves rinsing it thoroughly to remove its natural coating of saponins, which can make it taste bitter. A well-designed colander makes this process efficient and ensures that no grains escape.

Key Features to Look for in a Quinoa Colander

  1. Fine Mesh Design: The most crucial feature to consider when selecting a colander for quinoa is a fine mesh design. A fine mesh prevents quinoa grains from falling through while still allowing water to flow freely. Look for a colander with a mesh that’s fine enough to keep even the smallest quinoa grains contained.
  2. Sturdy Build: The colander should be sturdy and well-constructed to withstand the weight of wet quinoa without warping or collapsing. Stainless steel and silicone are excellent materials for durability.
  3. Proper Size: Opt for a colander that is appropriately sized for your needs. A medium-sized colander (around 8-10 inches in diameter) is ideal for most home cooks, allowing you to rinse and drain quinoa efficiently without taking up too much space in your kitchen.
  4. Ergonomic Handles: Consider a colander with ergonomic handles for easy handling, especially when dealing with hot, steamy quinoa.
  5. Easy to Clean: Choose a colander that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe for convenience.

Top Colanders for Quinoa

OXO Good Grips Rice and Small Grains Colander: This colander features a fine mesh design, sturdy stainless steel construction, and soft, comfortable handles. Its 3-quart capacity is perfect for quinoa rinsing and other kitchen tasks. Colander holes designed to allow water to drain slowly to wash impurities and starch from rice, quinoa, buckwheat, barley and more. The water pools before draining to show when water is clear and grains are clean. The small, square holes help prevent tiny grains from falling through, and the extra drain holes in the pour spout remove excess water and keep grains contained. Soft, comfortable, non-slip handles are perfect for agitating grains, shaking out water, and pouring into pots or bowls.

Cuisinart CTG-00-CLD Large 3-Quart Colander: This large, stainless steel colander offers a fine mesh and a generous capacity. The raised base helps with draining, and the handles are riveted for extra durability.

KitchenAid Classic Plastic Colander/Strainer: For those who prefer a plastic option, this KitchenAid colander is an excellent choice. It features a fine mesh, easy-to-grip handles, and is dishwasher safe.

LiveFresh Premium Quality Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer: If you’re looking for a fine mesh colander at an affordable price point, this stainless steel strainer by LiveFresh is a fantastic option. It’s compact, easy to store, and perfect for rinsing quinoa.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Collapsible Colander: This collapsible silicone colander is a space-saving solution for those with limited kitchen storage. It has a fine mesh design and is heat-resistant, making it suitable for draining hot quinoa.


Choosing the right colander for quinoa can greatly enhance your cooking experience by ensuring efficient rinsing and minimal waste. Whether you opt for stainless steel, plastic, or silicone, prioritize a fine mesh design and a sturdy build to make your quinoa preparation a breeze. With the right colander in your kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly cooked quinoa in your favorite recipes without any hassle.


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