Here’s a Good Utensil to Drain Ground Beef


A very common question I get asked is “what’s the best way to drain ground beef?’ I tell everyone that if you have the right utensil, the job is no problem at all. A common and effective utensil to drain ground beef (or any other type of cooked ground meat) is a fine-mesh strainer or colander. Here’s how you can use it to drain ground beef:

  1. Cook the Ground Beef: Start by cooking the ground beef in a skillet or pan until it’s fully browned and cooked through. Make sure to break up any large chunks as it cooks.
  2. Prepare the Colander or Strainer: While the ground beef is cooking, grab a fine-mesh strainer or colander. Fine-mesh strainers have smaller holes, which prevent small bits of meat from escaping.
  3. Drain the Grease: Once the ground beef is fully cooked, remove the skillet from the heat. Place the strainer or colander over a heat-resistant bowl or container that’s large enough to catch the drained grease.
  4. Transfer the Cooked Beef: Carefully pour the cooked ground beef into the strainer or colander. The grease will start to drain through the small holes, leaving the cooked meat behind.
  5. Allow It to Drain: Let the cooked ground beef sit in the strainer or colander for a few minutes to allow most of the grease to drain out. You can gently shake the strainer or use a spatula to help the process along.
  6. Dispose of the Grease: Once the grease has drained out, you can discard it safely according to your local guidelines. Avoid pouring it down the drain, as it can cause plumbing issues.
  7. Use the Drained Meat: Once the excess grease has been drained, you can use the cooked ground beef in your recipe as needed.

Remember that draining the grease from cooked ground beef not only reduces the overall fat content of your dish but also prevents it from becoming too greasy or oily. It’s a good practice for many recipes that involve ground meat.

A Better Way to Drain Grease

You can use the method just mentioned, or now there’s an even easier way to drain ground beef: use the EasyDrain utensil. It works a lot like using a strainer, except that the grease is collected into an empty can. Then once the grease cools and hardens, you can simply throw it away.


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